Lift people performance by making data driven decisions an integral part of your company culture


We are thrilled to work with companies who treasure their customers as well as their people

Once you, based on factual data, can say that both your people and your customers treasure working with you,  your business will be thriving



Transparency – ownership – empowerment – communication

Today’s workforce has more to offer than ever before. The level of education, engagement and know-how is higher than ever. Furthermore, data on a person’s performance and behaviour is readily available and easy to access. 

However, only a few companies are fully utilizing this data. With DataDrivenCulture, you will be able to extract all relevant data and for fully utilise it. This in turn, will help drive your culture to the next level of performance, by deriving current and relevant KPI’s rooted in your organization.

Surveys show that the employees that have a feeling of empowerment in their job are more likely to show dedication and loyalty towards their employer. This is why the transparency of data derived KPI’s, is a key factor in DataDrivenCulture approach to cultural drivers.

By allowing individual employees to track their own progress in performance measurements, they will be empowered to influence the results going forward.


Based on data we define organizational cultural drivers

Organisational culture is the pattern of behaviour, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. This defines how we do things here at DataDrivenCulture. The compiling of all data of the organisation is therefore essential to get the full picture of the essential cultural drivers in the organisation – making the fluffy, tangible and comprehensible.

Enhance communication for a deeper understanding of the strategy

Your company should be visualising cultural drivers derived from your organisational data, which will contribute significantly to following the overall strategy. If you are not doing this, redesigning your internal communication or your strategy would be a great starting point.


While 80% of CEOs claim to consider data an asset, only 10% say that their company treats it in that way.

There have been several memorable examples in the last few years of companies that failed to protect their customer data or failed to establish adequate damage control when data was lost. Along with the new strict rules on Data Protection (GDPR), your company needs to address this, to avoid heavy fines and loss of reputation.


Capture other relevant data

Businesses of today are a web of data, derived by surveys, measurements, test results, and so on. The combined data of an organisation is therefore like a fingerprint, i.e. unique. By assessing and processing all your data, DataDrivenCulture will be able to derive the specific cultural drivers that makes your organisation tick.

Create better performance in a purposeful way

Through the action of exploiting the cultural drivers that truly make a difference in your organisation or for your customers, it is possible to create an atmosphere of change. Making these behaviours and activities that function well in your organisation clear to your employees, will in turn lead to an increase in the good culture that your customers thrive on.


While many companies rely on data every day to make decisions, or to create a better customer experience, few treat it as an asset that needs to be protected. By establishing internal data-management processes, drafting legal contract and homepage clauses, and conducting audits, DataDrivenCulture ensures compliance with the new rules.


Brands we work with




Almost every company is looking for talents to grow their business. At the same time the available talent is scarce relative to demand. As such, companies are driven to search for new ways to cover organizational needs. Moreover, throughout the past five to ten years, companies have been able to acquire more and more of the available organizational data, than ever before. DataDrivenCulture specializes in providing intelligence to companies, that in turn helps develop a performance culture which will drive a high level of engagement from teams and individuals alike.


At DataDrivenCulture we span from delivering what we term ‘provocative consultancy’ to delivering key analytics that support you in your daily decision making. We love facts and being able to see an effect of what we help putting in motion - and we want results fast.... if it does not hit the bottom line, it does not count!


Data Analytics and Performance Management

  • We help companies using people and customer analytics to drive business performance, taking a consultancy approach
  • We are also your daily partner delivering the reports you need based on analysis you either cannot get done internally or want to outsource for efficiency
  • We can support you in finding the right way to report your KPIs, your project progress or even design your daily decision dashboards (and if you do not have a daily decision dashboard yet, you DEFINITELY need to talk to us)
  • We deliver and co-create by making analytics via all major BI systems such as Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau and an wide range of other BI applications – and not to forget: Microsoft Excel – why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

Customer Loyalty - NPS Data Analytics and Performance Management

  • We support your NPS customer satisfaction and loyalty survey processes end-to-end
  • No matter where you are as an organisation in the process today with regard to the field of NPS – beginner or seasoned - we will help you improve
  • Our scope reaches from pre-analysis, choosing the right software platform to setting up the survey and reporting on progress
  • And finally we do not rest until the right follow-up is delivered back to customers as an outcome of the NPS process - as that's what realising the true value is really all about. 

Employee Loyalty – MoodStories and E-NPS

  • We support your Employee satisfaction and loyalty surveys processes end-to-end
  • We enable you to get insight toward how well your organisation collaborates cross functionally and e.g. what they like about your leadership and what not
  • We show you how you can develop App supported nudging or drive learning (e.g. MoodStories by Orchard)
  • We create dashboards and support you in getting real time input that can be used in the everyday
  • Whether you want to measure during times of critical re-org or during mergers & acquisitions or most importantly; just what to know what the "everyday mood and happiness" is within your company...the answer is the same "we know how to' as this is what we work with our customers on day in and day out...

Data Driven People Business Decisions

  • We are strong believers in the ongoing global transformation that happens in many HR functions where more and more people analytics is being put to work to ensure we not only find and retain the right talent, but also maximize their performance
  • We have experience in what data makes sense to use and how to use it
  • We employ the proprietary KCI 2.1 people profiling concept from CORTAL and get reliable indicators on what makes your top performers ‘do what they do’ and ‘deliver what they deliver’, in short applying the KCI methodology dramatically increases the likelihood of identifying and developing the RIGHT people in your organisation.
  • By combining data from KCI with e.g. data from your commercial or operational front line, we support in opening up brand new fact based discussions about what people profile you talent really need to have to be successful (welcome to ‘facts’ in support of pure ‘gut-feel')

Data Protection - complying with the new rules (GDPR)

Working with employee and customer data also requires up-to-date legal compliance and, with the introduction of a new General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, these requirements are getting stricter and apply to all companies regardless of their size.

We offer in-house legal skills and certification within Data Protection. We have thorough experience of working with larger companies, not only as consultants, which ensures operational hands-on solutions and helps to implement these.

  • We conduct risk assessments and analyses of your data flows
  • We ensure the correct legal wording for customer agreements (home page text, customer sales terms etc.) and regarding your own data providers/managers
  • We provide training for your employees
  • We establish audit processes to ensure your company remains compliant



Company culture is something that is constantly evolving. As your company adjusts, some people leave and more people come on board, things organically change—including organisational needs. The best company cultures come from a place of authenticity, evolve from an understanding of what the culture already is, and build on that existing foundation.

Have you recently defined your culture and what is unique to your company? Do you know if you attract the best talents?

A good place to start, is by reviewing why employees like working at your company and what makes it a special place in their eyes. Through taking this action, you can uncover unique perspectives into your company, including potential areas to improve or change!

DataDrivenCulture creates an overview of what data is available and how much value this can bring the company. We expand the data information if needed, even outside the company to ensure benchmarking.

Our goal is to provide intelligence and transparency in your organisational process and culture, to enhance engagement and performance.




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